DMR will help move your workforce data to the cloud.
Workday Data Migration

Data migration to the Workday cloud solution is even more complex than than traditional on-premise deployments. The Workday platform provides end-to-end support for key HR and Finance processes, including worker administration, talent management, compensation, benefits, and payroll. Frequently the required data for Workday does not exist in the required format in your legacy systems. It must be consolidated from multiple systems, cleansed, harmonized, enriched, and ultimately transformed into the load-ready data format.

Ironically, many large organizations attempt to migrate data to Workday’s next-generation platform using yesterday’s technology: Excel.

Yet an Excel-based migration to Workday is almost guaranteed to cause significant challenges. Different file versions must be managed. Users cannot make concurrent changes. Data security is more difficult to manage. Complex data dependencies are difficult or impossible to validate prior to upload. These factors, taken together, frequently lead to low-quality data in the Workday tenant and adversely impact the worker experience at go-live.

DMR’s methodology offers a “turn key” solution for legacy data conversion to Workday. Our experts specialize in acquiring legacy data, managing mappings, elevating data quality, validating accuracy, and transforming the data into load-ready ILoad format. DMR also provides hundreds of data checks to ensure complete data readiness, as well as post-load reconciliation reports to streamline business sign-off.

DMR “Success Enablers” 
    • Methodology for data conversion that accelerates the build, standardizes development, and improves quality.
    • Leading Experts including the most experienced leaders in HCM data management.
    • Technology Accelerators that augment standard ETL tools with enhanced data dictionary, lineage, data collection and report distribution.
    • ContentPre-built “baseline” mappings from major HCM solutions to Workday.

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