Success Stories

DMR Delivers Global Data Migration Solution at Leading Pharmaceutical Company
DMR was chosen as an implementation partner for a leading Pharmaceutical company (2014 Revenue: $19.9 Billion; 28,000 employees worldwide; with products sold in 170 countries) to implement a global data migration process. DMR quickly identified the need to build a global data migration strategy and methodology that would support multiple parallel deployments across different continents and time zones. The scope of this global effort included over 32 data objects. One of the key technical decisions was to customize DMR’s transformation and migration tools to develop a single unified code base that would allow running simultaneous loads in different SAP environments for each deployment. DMR’s knowledge base and experience were instrumental in making strategic and technical decisions which directly contributed to the successful implementation of a global process in 110 countries across 11 successful Go Lives in less than 2 years.

DMR leads National Energy Logistics Leader through successful SAP Go-Live
One of the largest independent energy logistics companies in North America, with over 3,000 employees servicing 29 states, completed their multi-phase implementation of SAP ERP 6.0. The client chose to implement their financials, controlling, materials management and sales & distribution into SAP ECC, as well as the SAP Oil & Gas industry solution. During previous conversions, the client partnered with multiple data migration companies and were unsatisfied with the services provided, resulting in the shutdown of the entire project. The client was then acquired by one of America’s largest privately owned companies and the conversion activities resumed. This time, the client chose to leverage the expertise of DMR to manage the conversion of their largest objects. The DMR team hit the ground running and helped the client through the successful go-live of five different business units. The parent company produced a very aggressive timeline for the conversion of each business unit, which only allowed the conversion team a few months in between each go-live. Thanks to the skills and knowledge of the two senior DMR consultants on site, who acted as both functional and technical resources, there was no delay in schedule. The DMR team worked tirelessly with the clients’ data governance and business teams to ensure that all master data was loaded to the clients’ satisfaction and expectations. During each business units’ conversion, 100 percent of the data loads performed by DMR were deemed business ready. The DMR consultants were responsible for the largest objects, loading more than 50,000 customers and 10,000 vendors over the life of the project. In addition to the conversion activities, the DMR consultants mentored and coached the client resources on DMR’s industry leading methodology and other industry standards, preparing them for any future implementations.

DMR Delivers Global Data Conversion Initiative for Leading Apparel & Footwear Company
DMR was asked to come in and manage a data migration project for an Apparel and Footwear retailer  in North America after a series of significant issues and delays.  When the project was initially handed over to DMR, data migration project was in red status.  Project leadership was looking for a company with senior level data conversion expertise to both manage and execute on behalf of SAP.  There were multiple legacy systems on a brand phased implementation approach.  Multiple releases were scheduled to include all regions of the world.  The client was using SAP’s Data Services ETL tool to migrate the data.
DMR initially came in and provided project management to the conversion team, setting strategy, and instructing the team of functional consultants and developers on methodology, mapping, and building jobs in Data Services with SAP ECC as a target.  After numerous attempts to secure experienced developers both offshore and onshore DMR was enlisted to bring in senior level Functional and development resources to supplement the team and provide leadership.
A data cleansing strategy was implemented and used with great success.  Within a month of arriving most major conversion jobs were re-written and the team readied the environment for a highly visible mock.  The new strategy was reviewed with the project management team and was approved for implementation.  Validated data was loaded into target system (SAP ECC) using LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) via SAP Standard Direct Input Program/IDoc/BAPI.  To show the progress on data cleansing and data readiness, weekly data metrics dashboard report was published to the project management team for review.  The initial cutover was very successful and DMR has been renewed for further implementations.

DMR successfully delivers Customer Master Data Migration Tool at F500 CPG firm
The project was to deliver Customer Master Data Migration (CMDM) Web-Interface.  The client’s existing tool and processes were deemed incapable of supporting the needed scalability and flexibility for numerous pending large-scale M&A efforts.  DMR was engaged to re-build and customize a solution and re-define processes specific to customer master.
The project involved analyzing and assessing existing CMDM tool, re-defining business requirements, re-defining data cleansing and transformation rules and mapping data elements legacy source to target
DMR was able to deliver on the client’s primary objective of delivering not just a tool but also providing complete data visibility to all business stakeholders/partners and seamlessly present all decision options.  Consequently, the solution further enabled the capability to make decisions with ease and ensure a smooth integration process.   DMR delivered a fully versed and robust CMDM tool which functioned like any other business user application, and prevented interruption in data decision making.  The project was executed using Agile Methodologies at very fast paced environment to achieve desired results.

DMR Successfully Leads and Delivers Global Beverage Company Conversion and Governance Initiative
DMR was identified as an implementation partner for a data migration project for a leading Beverage Company in North America based on referral provided to them by a previous client of ours.  When the project was initially handed over to DMR, the data migration project was in RED status.  At that point of time, client was using services from a top consulting services company providing solution for data migration from one instance of ECC (SAP Service 4.5b) to the ECC 6.0 and consolidating/harmonizing data from ECC 6.0 and legacy system (STARS/Oracle system) to MDM.  Client was using a leading Data Migration Tool to migrate data.  DMR resources who have worked extensively on this tool were positioned at this client to identify data gaps/process issues.  Within 3 weeks, DMR proposed a revised data migration strategy to get the data migration project back on track and meet deadlines.  This strategy was reviewed with the project management team and was approved for implementation.  Our technical resources worked diligently using efficient data cleansing/data duplication/data harmonizing processes using the tool suite to identify master data/transactional data with data issues and generate reports to be reviewed by business/IT team to resolve data errors.  Validated data was loaded into target system (SAP ECC) using LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) via SAP Standard Direct Input Program/IDoc/BAPI.  To show the progress on data cleansing and data readiness, weekly data metrics dashboard report was published to the project management team for review.  These dashboard reports were so popular that the client started to build similar reports for other IT projects.  DMR performed 100% data load into ECC and into MDM at the time of go-live.  Our client quoted, “Data Project was the most successful and smooth implementation ever carried out by IT”.
DMR successfully migrated data from two different ECC systems to one instance of SAP, consolidated Material Master Data from ECC, legacy system and third party system into MDM, and consolidated Customer Master Data from two different ECC systems into CRM.  Currently, we are working on moving data from different legacy system into CRM/ECC/BW/APO.

DMR Delivers Global Data Governance Solution at Leading Pharmaceutical Company
DMR was chosen as an implementation partner for a leading Pharmaceutical company to implement a Data Governance process for their Vendor Master. The client chose to use a leading Data Governance tool. Upon DMR joining the team it became clear that the client needed to streamline their Master data as there were over 120 different Documents being used by various countries to create Materials, Vendors and Customers in SAP.  DMR was able to break these documents down and work with stakeholders to present a clear picture of the processes that needed to be in place to ensure a “clean” ERP system for master data.
With multiple countries using the Data Governance tool DMR was able to customize the tool to translate for over 16 different languages and added customization to handle client specific classification requirements. This classification process was then documented and shared with the Data Governance tool owner for use in the future.  DMR’s knowledge base led the client through a successful Data Governance initiative that will be the foundation for future projects and their Data Governance Program.

DMR Delivers Data for National Convenience Store and Truck Stop Company
DMR was asked to partner with the second largest truck stop and convenience store operation in the United States.  The objective was to deliver a multi-phase, multi-product solution to support their variety of services from fill stations, retail, tire re-tread, and truck maintenance to restaurants and hotels.  The client’s national footprint encompassed more than 330 convenience stores and truck stops, more than 12,000 employees, and approximately $22.2 billion in annual revenue.  The client chose to implement SAP Retail, SuccessFactors, HCM, C4C, CRM solutions, as well as standard SAP master data objects including, Financials, Procurement, and Order To Cash.  The implementation strategy was to have multiple, concurrent efforts with varying levels of complexity and timelines.  The DMR team deployed their proven data migration methodology and developed a manageable data model to support the multi-project approach.  Thanks to the tenacity, flexibility, and work ethic of the DMR consultants the result was high quality and on time delivered data.  The DMR team worked closely with the client’s SMEs as well as data governance team to understand and ensure that all functional requirements were met and data quality standards were upheld.  DMR played an instrumental role in gathering requirements, guiding business logic and assisting the client in adapting to new business solutions.  The DMR methodology and data model lead to repeatable, consistent, accurate delivery of 10 successful go-lives over the course of 3 years.  100 percent of the data loaded by DMR was deemed business ready at the time of cutover.  In addition to leading the charge on the current scope of projects, DMR consultants successfully influenced the awareness of Data Quality and helped identify business gaps, which helps set a higher standard for future implementations.