SAP Master Data Governance Implementation

DMR offers best-in-class services implementing SAP Master Data Governance for both the standard SAP-delivered master data domains and custom master data domains. The standard SAP-delivered master data domains include Financials, Business Partner, Customer, Supplier, and Material Master.

Many large SAP customers struggle to maintain high-quality master data around the organization.  The creation of accurate master data requires inputs from several departments including sales, purchasing, manufacturing, and finance.  Information governance organizations must collect information from each of these departments in a timely manner to support new product introduction, supplier harmonization, or new customer account creation.  Frequently this data collection process can break down, creating unnecessary delays in business-critical activities such as new product introduction. Special challenges arise with customer and supplier consolidation, especially the harmonization of customers and suppliers during the Merger and Acquisition process.

SAP MDG helps information governance organizations collect accurate information in a timely manner the first time.  It supports the creation of workflows to route master data requests to the right party at the right time.  These workflows, in turn, support detailed business validation to ensure that the right data is collected the first time.  SAP MDG also enables business monitoring of requests to isolate process breakdowns and accelerate collection.

Key SAP MDG Features
  1. Timely Master Data Collection
  2. De-Duplication and Standardization
  3. Audit Trail & History

Our expertise includes onsite architectural planning and implementation services, as well as remote support from our Global Delivery Center.

At DMR, we deliver turnkey implementations of SAP MDG™ with end-to-end implementation services. We empower our clients to achieve the overarching goal of trusted, complaint data – creating new cost efficiencies, revenue opportunities, and risk mitigation.

Our methodology relies on our three pillars of People, Process, and Technology. All of these are crucial to a successful implementation and enable consistent management of information across the enterprise.

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