Big Data

DMR can help you create an Enterprise Data Lake.
Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Lake

Enterprise IT organizations are increasingly struggling with unprecedented amounts of data, and they are increasingly expected to convert this data into tangible business value. While previous generations were constrained by upper limits in database sizes, the new challenge is the virtually unlimited amounts of data that can be stored using Hadoop and an Enterprise Data Lake.

In order to realize the full opportunity, IT organizations must manage exponential growth of data in a disciplined, methodological manner. DMR’s approach includes:

  • Enterprise Data Catalog: Unified catalogue of technical and business metadata, describing dozens of data sources, thousands of tables, and millions of data elements.
  • Architecture: Documented architecture for Hadoop implementation including raw ingestion and transformed enterprise data.
  • Data Quality Management: End-to-end data quality management for data landed in the Data Lake
  • Value Creation: Transformation of key data elements into high-value business insights.
DMR understands data.

We have technical expertise and proven real-world experience to successfully manage your Data Lake implementation using Hadoop. We are currently managing Data Lake implementation at some of the largest companies in North America. We have a 100% successful track record at successful Hadoop project delivery. Our methodology mitigates the risk that your data will be “Ready for the Enterprise”.

The creation of a Data Lake does not have to be expensive. DMR provides the industry’s best talent at a value-oriented price point. By right-sizing our team and accelerating the project through methodology, we can reduce your overall project cost by 33% to 50% compared to other firms.

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