Go-Live Support

Sometimes you need extra help when going live with a new system.
Go-Live and Stabilization Services

When your organization is going live with a new system, it is very common to encounter short-term challenges associated with data in the new system.

  • Business users are still getting used to the new system which creates opportunities for poor data entry.
  • Data quality issues that were not surfaced during the conversion often start affecting the business process after Go-Live. These issues are common among projects with tight timelines or a poor conversion strategy.

In either case, there can be an immediate need to address poor data quality in the new system, especially considering that it may be causing business process interruption. It is important that the team addressing these issues have a solid understanding of data quality processes since any changes they make are directly affecting the production system. These issues can linger on for months or years if not addressed appropriately.

How DMR Can Help

DMR provides a complete solution for post Go-Live production support for data. DMR’s team of Data Quality experts can provide round-the-clock service with the help of its India Delivery Center  until the data quality issues subside. The Data Team will not only make individual corrections but can also be the Central team for creating critical data through a validated process. Large data sets can also be uploaded or updated quickly as the Data Team will be capable of quickly building complex load or correction programs. DMR’s Data Team can also analyze the data where repetitive issues are occurring by creating reports by using our reporting accelerator.

If you have an upcoming go-live, contact us for more information or to schedule our Data Quality Assessment prior to your go-live.