ERP Central Components

ECC Data Management is even more challenging than it was 10 years ago - with global environments, complex landscapes, and consolidation projects.
The ERP Central Component (ECC)  Data Challenge

Many large organizations have implemented ECC systems to improve their visibility into finance, procurement, sales, and inventory.  In fact, many large organizations have implemented too many ECC systems – with disparate ECC systems across various regions and business units.

Yesterday’s “ECC data challenge” was about just getting live on SAP or Oracle with minimal business disruption.  Today’s “ECC data challenge” is about consolidating multiple ECC systems, rationalizing complex landscapes, and managing global master data.

The DMR Difference

DMR’s approach to the ECC data challenge is fundamentally different from other service providers.  We focus on three core pillars to deliver successful ECC data solutions:

  • Talent:  Our ECC data experts have spent decades mastering the data requirements for their areas of expertise, including sales, procurement, manufacturing.  They are true experts at ECC data quality, migration, and governance.
  • Methodology:  DMR has pioneered an industry-leading playbook for managing end-to-end ECC data projects, including both data migration and data governance.
  • Technology:  We have experts in today’s leading EIM platforms, including SAP Data Services, SAP Information Steward, SAP S4 HANA, and SAP HANA.

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