Data Warehousing & Analytics

How should your business measure performance? And where will it get the data to do so?
Data Warehousing & Analytics Solutions

Modern organizations must use their data to better understand their business, measure their performance, and make strategic decisions.  Misinformed decisions can cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars in hard costs or missed opportunities.  And while most companies will acknowledge the imperative to use data to make decisions, it is surprisingly hard for large organizations to do so effectively.   Data may be distributed across dozens or hundreds of business systems.  Different regions or business units may use different key performance indicators to measure their performance, or they may use the same performance indicators but define them differently.  All of these challenges can make it increasingly hard to measure sales, margin, or costs.

DMR’s Approach to Analytics

DMR’s solutions for analytics combine our three pillars of talent, methodology, and technology.

  • Talent:  Our analytics practice includes some of the most seasoned DW/BI experts in the world.
  • Methodology:  Our methodology includes an end-to-end playbook for data warehousing and analytics.
  • Technology:  We have delivered some of the most complex DW projects in the world on the leading platforms, including SAP HANA™.
How We Can Help

DMR can help you start your analytics initiative with our proven 2-day data strategy workshop.  Then we can help you with ongoing advisory services or end-to-end project delivery.  Contact us to learn more.