Data Strategy Workshop

You know you need high quality data. What is your strategy for achieving it?
2-Day Data Management Strategy Assessment

Many organizations know that they need to develop a long-term data strategy.  In some cases, the driver is an upcoming system transformation or data migration.  In other cases, there is poor quality data that is negatively impacting important business drivers. But many companies struggle with getting started.  What should be the key focus areas for your next data initiative?  How should you align your data project with key business initiatives?  What technologies exist within your organization or in the market that should be considered to improve your data management?

DMR will help

DMR has the leading data management experts in the industry.  We will help you get your data management strategy on track with our proven 2-day data strategy workshop.  Our senior data experts organize an end-to-end review of your data health indicators – all in a highly focused set of workshops.

Key Deliverables
  • Our Technology Review includes key EIM technologies including SAP Data Services™, SAP Information Steward™, SAP HANA™, Hadoop, Informatica™, or BackOffice Associates™.
  • Our Methodology Review evaluates project structure, phases, timelines, and deliverables. We focus on critical risk factors including data cleansing, validation, and collection.
  • Our Organization Review evaluates project team, roles and responsibilities. We evaluate accountability for data standards and definitions, data defect remediation, and resource levels.
Engagement Format
  1. 2-hour preparation call to review logistics, conference rooms, and tailored agenda.
  2. 2-day onsite workshop with team members from business groups, master data and IT.
  3. 2-hour executive summary call to review the DMR data strategy optimization report.

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