Data Governance

Modern enterprise applications require a complex set of information to function properly.

Modern business applications require an accurate, complex set of information to function:  SAP, Salesforce, and Workday, all require clean master data that is harmonized across applications, complete, and accurate, to ensure correct outcomes.  When information is missing, duplicated, or inaccurate, your enterprise applications will still use the data available in the system – creating the risk of incorrect business outcomes. Bad data can stop shipments, or cause inaccurate payroll, or delay the closing of the books.

Data Governance ensures clean master data by checking, and, if needed, correcting data accuracy throughout your enterprise.  Clean master data means correct information about concrete facts like: customers, materials, and vendors.  It means correct functional data like: pricing, information records, bills of materials and routings.  Data governance facilitates smooth end-to-end business processes by ensuring the high quality of this data.

Frequently, large enterprises struggle to establish the right data governance program around these data requirements.  It can be challenging to create the right governance organization, assign the right roles, and deploy the correct data quality technologies.  The challenge increases as organizations grow globally, with data stewards spread across countries and business users.

At DMR we help organizations establish and realize a long-term data governance strategy.   First, we help companies define their data governance vision and approach.  Then we help them develop their data governance organizations by identifying the right roles and responsibilities.  We equip these data stewards with the latest EIM technologies to help them maintain high data quality for their domain of responsibility.  Our experts have identified hundreds of data quality checks that should be performed on standard enterprise environments, so we can accelerate the delivery of EIM technologies and reduce project costs.  This “pre-developed content” can be tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

With DMR’s data governance solution offering, you will be able to reduce costs, increase sales, and improve compliance through improved data quality.