Data Archiving

How will you preserve the right information assets on the right platform for the right duration?
The Need For Data Archiving

Today’s large enterprises create massive volumes of data each day.  As historical data volumes increase and as data creation accelerates, organizations must develop long-term strategies for preserving the right data in the right format.  Many enterprise data elements are governed by statutory regulations that stipulate required preservation periods or required preservation locales.  These requirements must be balanced against an organization’s desire to prune historical data and to optimize storage infrastructure.  Frequently, large companies are tempted to delay their archiving initiative, effectively  “kicking the can down the road” because they just do not know where to start and do not have a trusted partner.  Meanwhile, the data volumes continue to grow and tomorrow’s challenge becomes greater.  DMR can help you confront the archiving challenge today.

DMR’s Experts Know Archiving

DMR consultants have helped some of the largest organizations in the world develop their long-term data archiving strategy.  Our data archiving solutions include:

  • Retention Policy Development:  Collection and documentation of relevant retention policies.
  • Retention Policy Governance:  Formation of internal councils with key stakeholders who can inform, update, and approve policy changes.
  • Technology Evaluation & Deployment:  Evaluation of key technology options for data archiving and deployment of modern archiving infrastructure.
  • System Inventory:  Collection of system-level metadata from different IT owners for incorporation into archiving strategy.
How We Can Help

DMR can help you start your data archiving with our proven 2-day data strategy workshop.  Then we can help you with ongoing advisory services or end-to-end project delivery.  Contact us to learn more.