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Data Quality

Leverage DMR’s Data Health Assessment and End to End Delivery

Successful organizations understand the value of good-quality data. Despite all investments within a data management initiative, having poor data quality can result in lack of trust and unreliable business decisions.

At DMR, we understand the importance of trustworthy data. We’ll kick-start your data quality initiative with our proven methodology for initial data quality assessment. Our senior data experts will organize an end-to-end review of your data assets and measure them against health indicators – all during one brief focused engagement.

Data Quality Assessment

DMR extracts your data into a central Data Quality repository and then delivers hundreds of quality checks across key data domains. DMR accelerates the process with its “standard content” accumulated over dozens of similar engagements. This content is then tailored to client requirements and local data standards. Finally, DMR summarizes key findings and opportunities for the client project teams and executives.

  • 3-4 DMR data quality experts
  • 4-6 production systems
  • 3-4 week engagement depending on the scope of source systems
  • 1-day onsite report-out to the client organization
Executive Report-Out_icon_wht

Executive Report-Out

Summary of key findings into a Data Quality Action Plan, identifying high priority items for data cleansing by data domain and business unit.

Detailed Data Quality Audits_icon_wht

Detailed Data Quality Audits

100’s of reports with record-level detail showing deviations from client data standards, including accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and consistency.


Data Quality Framework

A rapid-development DQ framework that can be utilized to monitor quality trends and remediation progress.

Data Quality

Give Your Data Stewards Detailed Insights Into Data Quality Levels With Concento™

Concento™ allows you to create detailed data quality checks across your ERP and non-ERP data. Data stewards can create dashboards and scorecards reflecting enterprise data quality levels and business impacts. Concento™ helps accelerate any data quality initiative with a pinpointed diagnostic of where data quality is impacting your business operations.