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Data Governance

Today’s leading organizations integrate an ever-increasing amount of data, available through a broader range of solutions. IT organizations grapple with constant changes to regulatory and privacy requirements, and the importance of high-quality data has never been greater.

DMR can help you develop a robust data governance strategy that improves your ability to leverage data as a corporate asset across your enterprise. A governance strategy establishes a foundation of trustworthy, consistent data.

We help you identify critical data policies, engage executive stakeholders, and define a long-term roadmap.


Have control

Have the authority of what requirements and changes are allowed for the master data and who is able to request, approve, and make those updates.


Increase visibility

Ensure there is a global understanding what master data is flowing to which downstream processes, creating an end-to-end accurate view of financial and supply chain activities.


Reduce Risk

Create a single point of truth that meets compliance and audit regulations in order to immediately address where the data exists, how it's being protected, and how it's being used.


Drive Insights

Proper governance strategies provide organizations a greater level of trust and accuracy with their data assets, generating reliable insights on what is truly happening to drive overall improvements in processes and create innovative business strategies.

DMR is SAP’s Service Partner for the implementation of SAP MDG.

Data Governance

Formalize Your Governance Roadmap With Our Experts

At DMR, our experts help simplify the complexity of data governance into a turn-key data management roadmap. We evaluate all levels of your data organization and most importantly, the data requirements that are driving your strategic initiatives and sustain your IT investments.


Strategic Alignment

  • Critical Risk

  • Alignment

  • Partnership


Program Delivery

  • Scope

  • Timeline

  • Resources


Tactical Management

  • Challenges

  • Constraints

  • Opportunities

Data Governance

Create A Centralized MDG Project Management Solution with Concento™

Concento™ allows data stewards to catalog information assets across the enterprise. It enables end-users to quickly describe the different types of information that are available across the enterprise, along with their data policies, quality levels, and business impact.