Concento™ platform: a single repository for a complete view of your enterprise data.

Many large organizations struggle to understand all the data they collect – hundreds or thousands of data definitions, standards, and mappings. Enteprise Data is the fuel to your business. It should drive your strategy and improve your profitability. But in most organizations – no one really understands the data that exists. No one has visibility into where it comes from or where it goes. Business users do not trust the data presented to them, and IT departments struggle to manage a complex spider-web of data flows.

The Concento™ Solution

The Concento platform unifies the Data Management Suite in a single enterprise application. It provides tailored user interface that provides insight into all the information that exists across your enterprise – including data definitions, policies and standards, and lineage. The Concento platform streamlines the maintenance of the enterprise catalog during ongoing support – it automatically extracts metadata from existing applications and it proactively ensures that there is always up-to-date information.

Key Features
• Business standards and policies
• Data structures and definitions
• Mapping and lineage
• Dashboards and scorecards
• Complex requirements & dependencies

Key Benefits
• Enterprise information catalogue that is always up-to-date
• Complete visibility into rules, policy and lineage
• Reduced cost of system change and impact analysis
• Unified view of information from business and IT perspectives

Case Study
A global Fortune 100 CPG Company struggled to achieve enterprise visibility into all their information assets. Data changes were challenging to make – every field change required dozens of discussions to understand the existing data standards and downstream impact.

By migrating to the Concento platform, the client achieved dramatic improvement in their visibility to key enterprise policies. Hundreds of users are now able to understand the types of information that exist across the enterprise, as well as the standards and policies that apply to each system, as well as the downstream impacts of any changes.

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