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The Concento™ Solution

Many large organizations struggle to understand all the data they collect – hundreds or thousands of data definitions, standards, and mappings. Enterprise Data is the fuel of your business. It should drive your strategy and improve your profitability. But in most organizations – no one really understands the data that exists. No one has visibility into where it comes from or where it goes. Business users do not trust the data presented to them, and IT departments struggle to manage a complex spider-web of data flows.

Concento™ unifies the enterprise information catalog in a single enterprise application. It offers a tailored user interface that provides insight into all the information that exists across your enterprise – including data definitions, policies, standards, and lineage. Concento™ streamlines the maintenance of the enterprise catalog during ongoing support – it automatically extracts metadata from existing applications and it pro-actively ensures that there is always up-to-date information.

8 Ways Concento™ Adds Value

  • Create

    Your S/4HANA Design

  • Document

    Your Business Processes

  • Catalog

    The Technical Landscape

  • Map

    Your Legacy Systems

  • Auto-Generate

    The Data Migration Code

  • Improve

    Your Data Quality

  • Transfer

    Your Data Between Systems

  • Search

    Your Entire Catalog


The Concento™ Solution

  • A unified view of information from business and IT perspectives through one consolidated source of truth
  • Complete end to end visibility into business standards, complex requirements, mapping rules, and dependencies
  • Always up-to-date enterprise information catalog with real-time dashboards and scorecards
  • Reduced cost of system changes and impact analysis
  • Govern

    Concento™ allows data stewards to catalog information assets across the enterprise. It also enables end-users to quickly describe the different types of information that are available across the enterprise, along with their data policies, quality levels, and business impact.

  • Map

    Concento™ allows users to plan and to define lineage between enterprise data sets and their downstream consumers. It also provides field-to-field mapping and value-to-value mapping, as well as project management metrics to track project completeness.

  • Enrich

    Concento™ provides an Excel-based user interface where end-users can collect valid data to remediate defects or gaps in production systems.


  • MIG/R8

    Concento™ MIG/R8 is an industry-leading data transformation tool for data migration customers.  MIG/R8 is a fully-featured enterprise ETL solution that is specifically designed to meet data migration requirements.  It is fully integrated with Concento's mapping and enrichment capabilities to provide end-to-end support for all data migration needs.