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Data Governance Strategy Providing Standards To Support Digital Transformation


With the evolving trend of providing sustainable and long-term value to their customers and not just product-based solutions, this iconic distributer realized that implementing a solution driven by technology would help drive full end-to-end visibility of their customers for both their transactional and CRM data. By leveraging SAP Hybris solutions, their goal in mind was to have the ability to use instantaneous and real-time data insights to better support their customer interactions and engagement strategies. As they continue to transform their application landscape and define processes to align with business strategy, the end goal will ultimately be to build a complete governance organization.


DMR was engaged to provide a master data governance assessment and formalization, which included data cataloging and business rule documentation within Concento, providing Information Steward analysis reports, installing of Data Quality Management (DQM) and supporting MDG 6.0 fixes and enhancements implementation. The 3 phases to the project included customer and vendor data assessment, Governance Formalization for customer and vendor and finance data assessment, lasting for 8 months in total.


All of the processes, procedures and enhancements were adopted globally divided into 5 regions: North America, Latin America, Australia & New Zealand, Asia Pacific and Europe.