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Adoption of DMR’s Data Migration Methodology Brings Multi-Release Success

“The “one team” approach and your constant focus on solutions was world class. I appreciate DMR's professionalism, collaboration and positivity during these high intensity periods, it’s a great example of how we need to work to be successful”

- Data Migration Manager


In 2017, this Texas based corporation set off on a three-year collaborative innovation journey with SAP IBSO custom development and S/4 HANA to create a leading world-class software in the oil and gas sector.


DMR was engaged to establish data migration methodology and provide platinum data migration services. Key modules included RTR, HR, MDG, OTC, MGMS, PRTP, PLTP, TSW, ACM. The implementation consisted of three releases with release 1 providing financial insight into their global operations through MDG and CFIN, release 2 focusing on the west coast using a SAP collaborated Hydro-Carbon Value Chain solution, and release 3 incorporating more US plants within the solution.


By April 2018, DMR's data management tool ConcentoTM had become widely accepted and ingrained into the project, which allowed for DMR to drive data definition and mapping meetings with a high success and completion rate. ConcentoTM - Enrich was able to reduce data quality issues for FI data on MDG by allowing global users to cooperatively construct data in one place vs Excel sheets by email with on-demand error reporting. Resulting in 100% data load for go live. The third release is expected to be completed by late 2020.