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Leveraging Automation to Deliver a Reliable Migration

“DMR is knowledgeable, approachable, resourceful and dedicated. They came on in the middle of [our] SAP implementation. They were challenged with short deadlines and extracting data from a multivalued platform. They met these challenges and many more. DMR’s approach to data added structure and visibility to the migration process. Thanks to DMR, there is a high level of confidence with the data being migrated to SAP.”

- – Data Lead


Being the first large-scale ERP Implementation in over 10 years for this leading healthcare product provider, the significant change had become a steep learning curve for many individuals within the organization. In an effort to meet tight deadlines and minimize the risk of becoming behind schedule while migrating their legacy ERP system to SAP S/4 HANA, they were in search of a new migration solution mid-flight into the project.


DMR had provided an initial assessment with several opportunities for improvement and was then brought on to re-strategize and re-manage the data migration activities. A critical challenge was receiving flat text file extracts instead of direct connections to the source data of the legacy systems. There had been doubts to whether it was even possible to leverage this data with the lack of relational structure. DMR was able to take on this obstacle and develop a number of stored procedures to parse the data from a flat data model to a relational model programmatically. In addition, the interfaces couldn’t handle the volume of data being sent during migration to populate Salesforce. To assist, DMR developed a java-based program to extract and load data to Salesforce using Data Services.


DMR's solutions successfully streamlined the migration mappings and development activities and allowed for the project to have confidence in leveraging existing legacy data and the migration process. Throughout the project, DMR aided in moving our clients much further down the maturity curve than where they started. By the final loads, the validators felt extremely comfortable with their data and were able to spot any potential problems much quicker than in the preceding mock load cycles. Overall, the DMR team successfully loaded over 20,000 Customer and Vendor records in Business Partner with 99.8% accuracy and over 80,000 materials with 100% accuracy.