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Implementation of a Data Governance Model: Key to Ensure Operational Standardization in Global Organizations


For this organization, there was a focus on maintaining operational data with high-quality standards due to its continental migration to a new SAP instance. This migration allowed the company to standardize operations of manufacturing and commercialization of household goods. It also ensured operational continuity and provided adequate backing for decision-making to align with the corporate business goals to extend their almost 75 years of leadership in the market.


DMR was selected to implement an integral Data Governance solution for both the deployment of the SAP tool chosen for the design and the start-up of the Data Governance model to provide the necessary regulatory instruments to guarantee proper data management. This decision was backed by a solid business relationship of over ten years, in-depth knowledge of its operations and business objectives, and proven results in successfully implementing data solutions.


DMR delivered a successful Data Governance Model implementation for Chart of Accounts, Finish Goods, Customers, and Vendors under SAP's selected platform with a continental roll-out deployment in 13 different countries. Additionally, the required Government Model was launched and documented, including structure, roles, and corporate-specific processes, data models, policies, and standards for each catalog in scope.