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How The Implementation of a Robust Data Migration Strategy Translates Into an Organization’s Timely and Cost Effective Decision Making


With over one hundred years in the market trading commodities like coffee, cocoa, and other seeds, this company's operation has become more complex each day based on the conditions of global financial markets. The company required a very specialized solution, and the expertise to take control of their global data. The goal is to have enough information to obtain the most profit from each trade and respond quickly to a constantly changing financial market.


In an effort to support the need for a robust data transformation, DMR was selected to execute a multi-year data migration and governance solution for a global deployment of SAP ACM (Agricultural Contract Management). DMR developed a repeatable migration solution that allows them to migrate each location's data, improving the results of SAP ACM. The project includes data acquisition, transformation, and upload, starting with Mexico, followed by Holland, Colombia, and finally, Brazil.


The DMR approach helped the company to transform the way they do business, enabling them to quickly and efficiently analyze the relations between commodities production and the trades they do. The program will be finished in 2021.