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Using The Power Of Data To Digitally Transform An Organization And Meet Consumer Demands

“DMR is a great partner for getting the most out of our SAP HANA implementation. When your systems can perform analytics on terabytes of data in less than 2 seconds it transforms how business decisions are made. ”

- Vice President of Analytics and Data Solutions


With a strong desire to understand and react to their consumers' demands more effectively while keeping data security at the forefront, this well-recognized apparel brand knew that a digital transformation within their analytics and operations would provide value in creating one single version of the truth across multiple channels. In order for this vision to unfold, a global rollout of the SAP Fashion Management Solution (FMS) had become the desired implementation solution.


DMR was chosen to support the end to end data migration activities for the initial US deployment and build an analytical hub consolidating consumer data interactions across all sales channels. This data integration initiative initially created some challenges in that the enormous volume of data ingested required creative methods to allow daily ingestion of both flat files and SQL Server sources. HANA’s in-memory processing is blazing fast when the data on disc is loaded into that memory and when tables are not actively being delta merged. DMR was able to identify a solution and selectively load large tables into memory before processing in order to manipulate the data at a much higher speed


DMR was able to successfully execute the migration, loading over 1.5 billion records with a 99.9% successful load rate. Through the assistance of DMR's expert knowledge of data management and storage efficiency, this client has become one of the most digitally-connected, real time corporations on the planet, providing them complete transparency into their value chain and one global platform for Retail, Wholesale, and Finance.