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DMR Latin America

DMR Latin America (LATAM) is the premier data management services provider in the region, with a proven track record of delivering large-scale enterprise data initiatives.  DMR LATAM is focused on acquiring the best data management talent in the world and we are 100% dedicated to client results.  Our consultants understand how to deliver high-quality data solutions, by combining technical proficiency with true business-facing consultancy.

With offices in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, we support the region’s leading organizations with their data quality initiatives, data migration projects, and their master data governance solutions. At the start of 2020, DMR completed its acquisition of Mexico-based Dabarc Systems, a leading specialty provider of SAP data management solutions in Mexico, to assist our expansion in the Latin America region.

Consulting Services

At DMR, we offer experts who are 100% focused on data and understand SAP and non-SAP platforms from both a functional & technical perspective to help you succeed on your next enterprise initiative.

Data Quality

Good quality data is vital to the success of an organization. We organize an end-to-end review of our client’s data assets and measure them against health indicators.

Data Governance

Modern business applications require accurate and complex data-driven functions. We help our clients establish a long-term data governance strategy using our proven playbook with step-by-step guidance and actionable results.

A Five-Step Approach to Creating a Data Governance Program


“Data administration,” “data governance” and “data stewardship” are common buzzwords in the IT industry. Unfortunately, they are also commonly conflated and/or misunderstood. Let’s change that.

DMR Latin America Headquarters

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