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Data Migration Resources

DMR is an organization that was established with one purpose: the delivery of high-quality data to the world’s leading organizations.
We offer industry-leading talent, a proven methodology, and industry leading toolkit that will accelerate your journey to S/4 HANA.


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DMR is an industry leader in Data Conversion, Data Quality, and Data Governance.

We safeguard corporate investment in new systems by delivering high quality data.  Data must be a consistent and reliable asset across any business enterprise — but too many global organizations struggle to harness the high quality data they need.  Despite their systems investments, enterprises pay a costly and nearly continuous price for accurate, data-driven knowledge of products, customers, and suppliers.  Data Migration Resources answers this “data challenge” with specialized services and experienced professionals who deliver the quality data required for smooth system deployments.  We offer an affordable and reliable way to ensure transformation projects and new system deployments that yield the factual data businesses need.


DMR offers industry-leading data management platform called Concento that accelerates the implementation of SAP MDG, SAP Data Services, and SAP Information Steward. We manage large-scale SAP migrations and are industry leaders in global data governance implementations.


Most EIM projects fail to realize their full potential not due to the technology or even talent; most EIM projects fail due to the lack of methodology and process. DMR has developed a proprietary and industry-leading methodology that can optimize your investment in EIM technologies to deliver tangible business results…


DMR’s professionals include some of the most experienced Data Migration and Data Governance professionals in the world. We have found that talent and methodology are the most important success factors for any project. Our “experts only” approach means that DMR offers its clients senior consultants who have dedicated their careers to data, and we have a 100% track record of successful projects delivered on time.

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