Enterprise Information Management

DMR is a “technology agnostic” solutions company.
DMR is a solutions company.

Our firm includes deep expertise in almost all of the leading EIM technologies that you need to succeed on your next initiative. If you have chosen to license SAP’s EIM technology products, then we have some of the most experienced experts in the world available to assist you. If you are committed to a non-SAP technology platform, then it is very likely that we have specialists in our practice that know your solution.  If you have not selected your enterprise EIM platforms, then DMR can provide impartial advisory services that include both technology selection and technology implementation.

We have applied the DMR Methodology on the following EIM platforms:

SAP Data Services™

DMR increasingly finds that clients are choosing SAP Data Services as their data migration platform for large enterprise deployments. SAP Data Services includes powerful capabilities for extraction, transformation, cleansing, and upload into enterprise applications. These capabilities are well matched to the needs of companies undergoing complex ERP projects, who require legacy data migration or production data governance. DMR has been delivering successful SAP Data Services projects from our company inception.

SAP Information Steward™

SAP Information Steward provides enterprise data stewards with a single platform that addresses all of their needs. Stewards can define business terms, review legacy data profiling results, and publish data quality rules. They can also define “scorecards” that represent the executive-level status and trend of the data quality initiative. DMR has installed and configured Information Steward at some of the largest companies in the world. As part of our implementation services, we offer “accelerator” content comprising hundreds of business rules that we have previously found to be applicable.


HANA is SAP’s next-generation high-performance database platform that is revolutionizing the enterprise SAP landscape. But HANA is not just a database platform – it includes powerful capabilities for data modeling, integration, and application development. DMR can help you decide the best strategy for utilizing HANA in your existing IT environment and has the experts to implement your next-generation enterprise data solution.

SAP Business Objects™

SAP Business Objects includes several business intelligence solutions to help end-users consume enterprise information.  This includes solutions for scorecards, dashboards, analytics, ad hoc queries, and formatted reports.  DMR has been successful supporting several large clients that use the SAP Business Objects initiatives.