Data Project Execution

The Importance of Methodology

Most Enterprise Information Management projects fail to realize their full potential not due to the technology or even talent.  Most EIM projects fail due to the lack of methodology and process.  As projects increase in size and complexity, it becomes increasingly important to manage activities in a disciplined manner according to a proven playbook.  This is especially true for global organizations with large teams working across regions or business units.  In the absence of a shared playbook, it is very common for large projects to encounter significant setbacks due to team members working at cross-purposes.

Methodology should address all of the key questions about the structure of an data management initiative, and it should provide the backbone of a shared understanding that organizes the end-to-end initiative.  This includes:

  • Resource roles, responsibilities, and commitment levels.
  • Work breakdown structure including key tasks, milestones, and dependencies.
  • Technical standards and conventions.
End-to-End Solution Delivery

DMR has developed a proprietary and industry-leading methodology that can optimize your investment in EIM initiatives. This means that you can entrust your high-profile data management initiative to our teams of experts, and you can be confident that the solution delivery will be executed according to a proven playbook that has been highly successful in the past.  Our methodology includes a complete playbook for major EIM initiatives including:

  • Data Migration:  The DMR methodology is proven to accelerate delivery and reduce risk on large scale data migration projects.
  • Data Governance:  We have developed and applied our methodology to complex governance projects, and our “playbook” includes our best practices for deploying technologies like SAP Information Steward or SAP MDG.
  • Data Warehousing & Analytics:  Our warehousing methodology includes accelerators and detailed templates for data warehousing and analytics projects, including technical methodology for SAP HANA and SAP Business Objects.
  • System Archiving:  DMR understands the unique challenges of system archiving projects, from policy development through system decommissioning.

If you are starting a new EIM initiative and want to be sure that it uses a proven project methodology, contact us to learn more about how DMR might be able to assist.